Corporate Ident

A film with a documentary-style narrative is a powerful way to connect with your audience,
especially if you’re a government body, public service or charity. Plus there will be times when your
film has to be raw to get the message across. Very often our team usually find that music can be the
key, especially where there is very little dialogue and that’s where our editor and award-winning
music supervisors make a difference.

There was a time when companies produced expensive glossy brochures documenting their ongoing
success, only for it to sit for the most part on a coffee table in reception, mainly unread. A film can
change all that, whether you’re in manufacturing, engineering, retail or eCommerce, a corporate
overview of your company will put you in front of the crowd and way above the noise.

It goes without saying film is one of the best ways to train new employees either for induction,
training, client testimonials or sales presentations.

Whether you’re launching a local or national campaign, developing a brand or promoting an
individual product, film is the best way to specifically target your audience and Three In One Pictures
are the ones that can deliver multiple cuts of a superb film. If you’re a multinational with offices
worldwide then subtitles can be added to your finished promotional film.