Film School


Advanced acting course 3 x 6 weekly blocks.

(18 x 2.5 hour Saturday sessions £50. per session)

Three In One’s advanced acting programme is intensive and will give students (18+) the opportunity and confidence to be better prepared for a career as a professional actor.

The course will include voice, movement text and script reading plus an introduction to The Alexander Technique, and our course culminates in a film/showreel experience.

Created by Three In Ones founder Denis Crampton, this course is designed to help you better understand the demands and expectations of the entertainment industry. Denis has worked in the industry for over twenty years, his credits include writer director, producer and nominated actor.

Three In One Pictures prides itself on giving each student personal attention, therefore, classes will be capped at 12 students.


Students will be assigned scenes throughout the 18 week course which will challenge them so that they become more immersed and versatile in their approach to discover the depth of character and truth of the scene.


The programme will take you from script, text and scene analysis through to the end of course showreel production.

Three In One will create a safe and secure environment to work in, as we believe this will encourage our students to take risks, which will ultimately feed through to performance and help our students find their own personal truth as an actor.


Three In One believe that vocal coaching is one of the most important aspects of an actors training and each student will be set on a personal development plan which will allow the actor to access the full emotional depth of the character. Each six week block will include a master class from one of the UK’s most accomplished vocal coaches.


The training in movement will help students understand the actor’s instrument, their body. An introduction to physical movement, fitness and warm up will be part of the course and a top class practioner will take a master class in each six week block.


The course will introduce the Alexander Technique to all students, this method works to change movement habits in our everyday activities, and it helps a person discover a new balance in the body by releasing unnecessary tension. The Alexander Technique is a life skill and a must for all performers who take their craft seriously.


At the end of the course each student will be cast in a fully crewed film production which each student can use as an individual showreel. The showreel will help when approaching industry professionals like agents, casting directors, and actor’s sites including Spotlight and

For details of the 2018 course or for more information please email Or call 07971 464071

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