It’s often said that horse racing is the sport of kings; however we at Three In One Pictures believe
that sport is king, and it’s our mission to film the sheer drama of it. Occasionally sport mirrors life’s
lessons, the highs, the lows and the unpredictable nature of it that’s something our team will
encapsulate into your film.

Whether you’re promoting a brand, a team or an individual, it’s important to capture your distinct
story and that’s what Three In One Pictures promises to do, from story boarding your production
through to the final deliverables.

Track days, racing, climbing or water sports, filming live action can be extremely unpredictable,
anything can and will happen, that’s why we are meticulous when it comes to preproduction, and
safety is paramount for competitor’s, that’s why we use the most experienced crew for all our sports
shoots. It goes without question that we use the very latest specialist equipment from commercial
drones, Jimmy Jibs and telescopic cranes.